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Hearing loss is a serious problem that complicates the lives of millions of people on the planet. Fortunately, we have made progress on this issue.

Diagnostic testing

The doctor interviews you, carefully examines the ear and eardrum with a special instrument. This allows you to see inflammation and sulfur plugs.

Hearing aids

These are medical devices that are designed to improve the hearing of hearing impaired patients.

Hearing therapy

The therapy scheme is selected individually, the price of treating ear diseases depends on the severity of the illness and the chosen method.

Tinnitus rehabilitation

Treatment of tinnitus depends on its cause. To do this, different methods are used, which are determined during the initial consultation.

Ear wax removal

The removal of ear sulfur should be carried out only by a person skilled in the art. Guarantee a painless procedure.

ENT consultation

Our specialists carry out diagnostics using modern equipment and will prescribe effective treatment of ear diseases.

Audiology training

The doctor says phrases of different volumes at different distances. The test shows how you hear regular, loud speech and whispers, whether you have hearing disorders.

Speech & language

The specialist conducts thorough diagnostics on high-precision equipment. Based on the results, the type and degree of hearing loss is determined, the method of hearing correction is selected.

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